Return the $25-m prize and the crown, Floyd!




By the time I write this, probably more than half the people of the world already watched how Floyd Mayweather Jr. knocked out his opponent Victor Ortiz -- IN A REVOLTING MANNER!

But for those who do not know yet what happened, let me summarize it this way.  After the referee has deducted a point from Ortiz and while he was about to hug Mayweather, the latter threw a punch on Ortiz. In a split of a second after that punch, Ortiz looked to the left to complain to the referee who was walking away without seeing that punch and without noticing the protest of Ortiz. While not aware of this, in the same span of a split of a second, Floyd delivered the knockout blow.

To visualize how it happened, watch this video:

To the mind of this blogger, it is completely despicable and revolting to allow Mayweather to take the prize of tens of millions of dollars and the welter champion's belt upon that atrocious act!

It was like shooting dead an innocent child.  It is more like a situation in a war where a soldier shoots at an opposing soldier whose weapon is down!

Associated Press boxing writer Tim Dahlberg wrote this: "Mayweather later engaged in a verbal confrontation with HBO announcer Larry Merchant, calling him a name at one point and drawing a pointed response from the veteran broadcaster, who said he would thrash the boxer if he 'was 50 years younger.'"

Floyd argued that it was perfectly within the legal bounds of boxing to punch an opponent even if the opponent was not on guard.  His justification is that in boxing, any boxer inside the ring must always be on guard. 

Yes, Floyd got a support from referee Joe Cortez, who was quoted by Dahlberg as saying: "Time was in, the fighter needed to keep his guard up.  Mayweather did nothing illegal."

But to the mind of this blogger, while there is no written law to respect an opponent who forgets to put his guards up or is so trusting in the belief that the opponent is a gentleman, it is nevertheless an act of cheating to take advantage of the situation.

In the Philippine civil law, a person who acts to damage another is still liable although it is his right to do so.

Additionally, this blogger says without fear that not one of the crowd or the audience somewhere else in the world would have respect for Floyd after he flayed just to win.

If there is anything else to be said why Floyd flayed, it is because of FEAR.

Floyd is a COWARD, no more.

He feared to lose and that fear is the reason he is always on the loose.
Let us see what treachery would Floyd show if he fights Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.

Watch this short video to see how Floyd flayed


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