One note before I die


Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing
Hello Sirs and Madams,

May I make a note before I die.

ALL OUR OPINIONS, pros or cons as to the feasibility of Jury System in the Philippines, ARE NOT TESTED AND IT WILL NEVER PROVE CORRECT UNLESS TESTED.

If Jury worked well in England beginning June 15, 1215 when King John was compelled to sign the Magna Carta when the English people of those times never knew about it and that they cannot be said to be more educated than the Filipinos of today, if jury worked well when it began in the United States more than 220 years ago when the Americans of those years (the Blacks and the Whites) cannot be said to be more educated than the Filipinos of today, where can we find justifications for arguments that Jury won't work in PHL?

Let this hypothesis be put in place by the believers without minding distractions: JURY SYSTEM WILL WORK IN PHL.

Then let us work by campaigning to the masses who are not intelligent as the men in this thread.

And if the masses agree, let us start the experiment and see the result.
Let us see if the hypothesis will prove true or we will have the same result as the 111-year experiment of single-judge-prosecutor system put in place ironically by the American conquerors who championed jury system, like then Philippine Governor-General William Howard Taft who later became US President William Howard Taft who then reported to the US Congress that he did not put Jury System in place because less than 10% Filipinos knew how to read and write that this circumstance made him establish the first public education system by bringing in thousands of peace corps volunteers to teach.

Whether we will succeed with Filipino jurors of the kind of Shamcey Supsup who chose "Love of God over love of man" or of Venus Raj who charmed the world with her "major major" answer, it remains to be seen.

But I can only believe -- not argue -- that not all Filipinos are vote-sellers or clannish or whatever of negative trait.  There is always a minority group of principled men in every region who number at least by tens of thousands from whom ideal jurors can be narrowed down and completely leaving behind the tens of millions of majority who sell their votes.

If Martin Luther King Jr. realized the dream hatched at a time when the Blacks were looked down as a bunch of incompetents at a time when it was so dark for the Black to be equal to the White, if Arabs realized democracy when nobody thought then that Islam societies can never be in harmony with democracy, what we Filipinos can do that the world believes we cannot live up to?

If history tells us that jury system has grown popular for hundreds of years in countries where no coup d'etat or power grab has occurred, if the past tells us of power struggles and massacres taking place in countries that do not have jury system, then our only ally rests on experience for us to convince the masses that laymen's adjudicatory system is generally better than the "lawmen's" adjudicatory mechanism.

Shall we who firmly believe in the Jury System decide to take NOW the first step even without seeing the whole staircase?  Martin Luther King Jr. did. Will we do?


Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing,_._,___

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