Our language is truth, our spirit is liberty


If I were to answer her question, I would say:

“No, I would not change my religion. I would marry

God because He is the man I love the most.”

Shamcey Supsup on "tsunami walk." Angola's Leila Lopes being crowned.

           I am not convinced Shamcey did superbly to defeat the uniqueness in the appearance of Miss Angola.

           Imagine, all else were white and she was black and yet she had the face equally beautiful as the rest and answer not least as anyone else!  

           That rarity sealed the crown for her!

           If the answer of Shamcey were extraordinary, that was the only way for her to win.

           But we Filipinos must take comfort because Shamcey’s win is an affirmation and a solidification of a statement that the Philippines is a franchisee of a Top Five seat.

           Remember that in 2010 our very own Venus Raj finished Fourth Runner Up and, on top of that, she has become so popular in the world and her memories still lingered right at the time the final questions were thrown to the Five finalists.

           Who would ever forget Venus when she recited a “major major” answer?

           Even American entertainment columnists, writers and talk show hosts kept on repeating and laughing about the “major major” answer.

           When Miss Mexico appeared on NBC and was asked what she could say about the “major major” answer, the Mexican turned out to be very fluent in English yet she resorted to an interpreter before she answered her final question.  Nevertheless, the Latina defended Venus insisting that standing on the world stage gives the biggest nervous of life.

           Nevertheless, Dyaryo Magdalo takes pride in Shamcey, not only because she is from General Santos City that is a neighbor of South Cotabato where the editor-in-chief of this paper hails from, but also because both her father, Kuya Tim, and mother, Ate Marcey, are his co-alumni from Mindanao State Univeristy-Marawi.

           All MSUans, including this author, campaigned hard to vote for her online to ensure that she would be assured a seat in the Top Five.

          And whatever the cute-and-innocent-looking Black Woman Miss Angola would say, SHAMCEY IS “YUMMY, YUMMY!”

          Shamcey’s boyfriend who converted from a Catholic to a Protestant because of his love for her must have won a One-Billion-Dollar prize in the heart of the woman who professed in her final question that she would prefer God over the man she loves if to marry him demands her to change her religious beliefs.

          If I were the one to answer the same question, I would answer: “No, I would not change my religion. I would marry God because He is the man I love the most.”

         That answer of Shamcey, wittingly or luckily drawn for her, told of her real-life love drama with her boyfriend who has forsaken his religious belief in favor of the “Yummy, Yummy”  “Sup Sup.”

Our language is truth, our spirit is liberty




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