Our language is TRUTH, our spirit is LIBERTY


New Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon


            Lest before new Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon forgets, make no law abridging the freedom of expression, of speech, and of the press.

            This law covers not only journalists. The Constitution protects all men in our land, even those thou named “hao-shiaos.” This right is one of the highest in the tier of freedoms, equal to the right to religion: the reason Congress and all other authorities cannot make any rule or law to screen people wanting to exercise the liberty of the press, the reason there is no licensure examination for journalists.  Otherwise, that is prior restraint!

            If the dull and the ignorant have the right to be heard according to Desiderata, what more for the “hao-shiaos” of thou art?

            Thy work is collecting the right taxes, not editing, not sifting “hao-shiaos” among those who present as men of pen.

            Thy duty is to catch all thieves amongst the smugglers and Customs men: Not to catch the reporters who may have sparked your spark.
The Customs administration building.

That is why they call it: “Run after the smugglers!” and not “Run after the reporters!”
           At first the edict of Ruffy came pleasing to the ears. It is because I know there exist men of pen writing for bad living.
But thy “hao-shiaos” do not do the beginning, but by Customs men’s dirty living and smugglers’ endless urgings.

            Ruffy needs not fight reporters he deems “hao-shiaos.” Else, he will be surprised even the purest of pens in his sight turns out the dirtiest of ’em all.

            I begin to see, the first victims are those suspects whose weekly “magazines” are used for “weeklys.”

            But what is the difference between these “weeklys” on one side and the pens that write for Inquirer, for Philippine Star, for Manila Bulletin, for Manila Times, for the Journal group of newspapers, for Malaya, and for Tribune, or the so-called tabloids on one side?

            He must be aware, thieves come in many forms. But amongst them, the dirtiest in appearance are the least lethal; the most decent-looking are the deadliest.

            This is not the issue, Ruffy.

            It is: How can you stop Customs’ men from living with smugglers who call themselves businessmen?

            Take out all the Customs’ men and place new men. Shocked you will be. You see all reporters, including thy “hao-shiaos” leaving to find greener pastures elsewhere for a living.

            Brute it may be, the reality is this: There are “hao-shiaos” or what they call “pseudo-journalists.”  But they were born out of bad Customs men who make them live.  If you take out the bad and replace them with the good, thy “hao-shiaos” will vanish.

            Lest you forget, Ruffy, politics thou art to politics returnest. It was not spoken of thy soul.

We have yet to see a politician as a man of steel.  Any politician is hungry for good public perception even if he says he has no greed for money.  Hunger for good image is hunger for people’s votes.  Hunger for votes is hunger for more powers.  Hunger for more powers is greed, no less.

Lest all men be told: It is not money that is the root of all evil.  It is greed.

By thou records, Ruffy, there are 400 radio, tv and newspaper reporters, columnists and editors visiting Customs. Thy wonder is those missing vans and cars not seen or written by them.

Lest thou be told: many bosses who came before proclaimed the same. They ended up eating their words.

           Lest thou be told: “It is not the letter that killeth! It is the spirit that giveth life!”

“Kung walang korap, walang hao-shiao!”

“Kung may matuwid na daan, may baluktot din na daan.”

He who walks in silence reaches the destination earlier than he who trumpets his coming.


Our language is TRUTH, our spirit is LIBERTY
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