Press is dead in Dipolog!


Broadcaster Genesis Ajero, now in jail without bail for illegal drugs planted on him

Dipolog Mayor Evelyn Tang Uy

Supt. Reynaldo M. Maclang




Three radio broadcasters are now in the City Jail of Dipolog in Zamboanga del Norte and they cannot go out even if they would have money because they were charged with cases of selling shabu, an offense that does not allow bail for temporary freedom.

Now, these three mediamen lost not only their freedom of the press: they also lost their freedom to be physically free.

These three radiomen are Ryan D. Uy, Joseph Herrera and Genesis Ajero.

With these, other than the act of murdering 33 journalists in Maguindanao on November 23, 2009, perhaps nothing can beat Dipolog City in committing crimes against the press.

All these revolting acts were pinpointed by the three radio press men to have been the work of art of Dipolog City police chief Supt.  Reynaldo Maclang.

To top it all, Maclang may have been the most untouchable cop. He has been overstaying in Dipolog.  It was said that at one time he would be assigned to another place in Zamboanga but was immediately placed back to the helm of Dipolog City PNP. If the normal tour of duty of any chief of police is three years to the maximum, Maclang stayed in the post for almost six years.

Lately, Mayor Evelyn Uy and DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo apparently stand in the way, obviously to circumvent the May 16, 2011 order of the Office of the Ombudsman suspending Maclang for one month without pay.

Maclang was found guilty of lying in his affidavit executed on 31 December 2008 for the purpose of his application for promotion.  The Ombudsman also found probable cause that Maclang committed the crime of perjury.

On May 5, 2011, fellow broadcasters relayed to this writer that Maclang’s men implanted four plastic sachets of shabu on Herrera and the latter’s live-in partner Mary Jane Gomez.

Prior to this, or in the evening of October 29, 2010, Maclang and his men also claimed they arrested Ryan for selling shabu.

But Ryan’s case was vehemently insisted to by journalists critical of Mayor Uy and Maclang that there was no drug selling that occurred but that it was implanted to stop Ryan from broadcasting exposes about illegal gambling, illegal drugs and oppression done against a Lumad family.
Photos taken seven hours after Ryan was mauled by policemen and members of Team David

The mediamen of Dipolog insisted it was a fabricated arrest citing the following circumstances:

1.  the pictures of Ryan showing he was beaten black and blue, an indication that it was not a drug operation because experience shows that there have been no physical violence that has happened in any shabu buy-bust operation;

2.   the blotter record showing that Ryan was arrested at 11:30 p.m. but he was not brought to a hospital despite the severe injuries, an indication that Maclang and his policemen were hiding the fact of arrest and that if it was hidden there must be a material thing that must be hidden;

3.       the fact that Atty. Cres Palpagan, the lawyer of Ryan, and Mariano Uy Sr., Ryan’s father, were not allowed to see Ryan inside the police detention cell until 7:30 a.m. when they sought the intervention of Zamboanga del Norte Gov. Rolando E. Yebes;

4.       the fact that Ryan has been hitting Mayor Uy and Maclang everyday over radio station dxFL fm; and

5.       the fact that it took Maclang and his men more than the maximum 36 hours allowed for detention just to submit Ryan to the judicial authority where in fact it took also more than 36 hours for them to submit Ryan to the inquest proceedings of the City Prosecutor of Dipolog, an indication that they must be hiding a circumstance or evidence material to the negation of drug selling.

National Press Club aggressively supported Ryan by filing complaints and letters to then PNP chief Raul M. Bacalzo, then Ombudswoman Merceditas Gutierrez, Robredo, and Commission on Human Rights.

The NPC even went to the extent of leading the call of provincial press clubs for justice and press freedom in Dipolog City as they converged in Dapitan City for a national convention.  The Club also led a rally in front of the DILG to press Robredo to punish Maclang.

All these went to the deaf ears of Robredo and Bacalzo.

Insisting that he has not even become a drug user, Ryan and his lawyer chose to seek a reinvestigation, a fatal mistake because the Office of the City Prosecutor sat  on the motion to inhibit that until now the reinvestigation has not been decided upon.

This circumstance compelled Palpagan to switch tactics by calling for immediate trial of Ryan.

What was more devastating to Ryan is that his fate caused his brother Mariano Jr. to die by severe depression in December 2010.

Proving further the planting of evidence is the findings of the CHR in its July 14, 2011 resolution, stating that it tends to agree with its investigators that Ryan was a victim of human rights violation, noting also the fact that Ryan has been so vocal in his criticisms against Maclang and city administrators.

Supporting the obvious tendency of Maclang to commit human rights violations just to get his ends are the two more resolutions of the CHR finding him likely guilty.

In the case of Norman Jaynogen, who was arrested without a warrant, and co-detainees Maureen Dagpin and Mark Anthony Gutierrez, the CHR found that Maclang ordered them to climb up and down the iron bars of their detention cell 50 times.  While doing this, their hands were smashed with a rattan stick by Maclang.  Thereafter, they were ordered to cling high onto the grills for half an hour. Thereafter, they were ordered by Maclang to do 50 pushups each. When they failed to complete, they were ordered to lay their hands in front of them and these were hit again with the rattan stick.  Thereafter, they were ordered to do 50 pushups again and they were able to complete out of extreme fear.  The ordeal lasted for two hours. They thanked when they were able to post bail.

The CHR found Maclang guilty of the Torture Law, otherwise known as Republic Act 9745.

In the second case of torture, Maclang was guilty of expulsion for driving Rogelio Gumanas and Cristina Gumanas and their family members away from their homes and their ancestral lands.

The Gumanases belong to the Subanen tribe, the indigenous people of Zamboanga. The land was awarded to them by the National Commission for the Indigenous Peoples (NCIP).

And on September 4, 2011, Maclang’s men struck again, for the third time against the media.

They arrested another critical mediaman, Genesis Ajero, was again arrested by them in an alleged drug selling. The mediamen critical to Maclang and the mayor are again insisting it was another case of planting of evidence.

Speaking in Cebuano through a video footage posted on his Facebook wall “Genesis Ajero,” his heart is protesting that he never did the crime being accused him of doing and that he is firmly believing that Mayor Evelyn Uy was behind.

This prompted their colleagues to say that in Dipolog, there is Armageddon: “GENESIS vs. EVEL.”  Where Genesis stands for Genesis and Evel stands for the first name of the mayor.

In the same video footage, Gloria, the mother of Ajero, cried a river while seeing the son behind bars.  Thereafter, the mother delivered a fiery and highly-emotional speech asking if the persons behind the arrest of the son were “gods” of Dipolog.

Officers of Zamboanga del Norte United Correspondent revealed that two of their group are now being eyed to be the next to be planted with shabu evidence.

They revealed that the group of the mayor, Maclang and the mayor’s para-military group called “Team David” have so many stocks of shabu confiscated from “legitimate” drug users and sellers that they would use these to plant on their enemy press.

Thus, it looks clear enough that there is an agenda to get rid of all mediamen critical to the mayor, Maclang and her cronies.

Indeed, for Evel to triumph is for Robredo to do nothing.

And if this is the case, “press is dead in Dipolog.”

What happened in Dipolog is that the kings feel like kings because the system of justice (the prosecutors and the courts) can easily be cowed or manipulated by the "gods" described by Gloria, the mother of Genesis, and as cursed by Mariano Sr., the father of Ryan who now rejects the husband of Mayor Evelyn as his relative for being a disgrace to Uy family.

This is another argument for the jury system of justice that is being campaigned for by the author as the ultimate solution to protect the oppressed and the small and keep the oppressors and the big from taking advantage of their stations in life.

The jury mechanism being pushed by the author (president of Hukuman ng Mamamayan Movement Inc.) makes the people chosen by raffle from the voters' list as the judges and prosecutors to ensure fair trial and fair inquiry.

The judges shall only be the presiding officers of the courts and shall be limited with the power to interpret and apply the laws.  The findings of facts shall be the power of the jury of people.

The prosecutors shall only be limited to the power of submitting suspects to the grand juries and the power to present evidence if the grand juries approve the filing of criminal cases in court.

The juries cannot be controlled by any rich or powerful person because they are hidden from the public eyes and knowledge.

Those who think they can help the author in the campaign for the installation of the jury system are encouraged to email him at or "like" the Facebook pages of "We Want Jury System in Phl", "Hukuman ng Mamamayan (Jury System)" and register at You may click the highlighted addresses to go directly to the sites mentioned.

Stand, Act and Walk for the children's sake.


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