Editor-in-chief, Dyaryo Magdalo

Now, I understand better why Filipinos cannot succeed. They do not want truth to teach them.

Even the people who should be regarded as the epitome of honesty and what is the highest standard of morality do not want the truth.

For they do acts seemingly opposite of what they preach, millions of people are always kept confused and blurred, not knowing what to do and not seeing the road to prosperity and divinity.

Millions Filipinos see envelopes of money as the truth to vote for false politicians.  They consciously or instinctively support clear falsities because the truth tells them it is time to take revenge.

From Padre Damaso's era have spun off many other dogmas but yet the plot of the story of Jose Rizal remains a century hence. The breakaways given birth by strong opposition to detestable doctrines do similar things what the mother did and is still doing.

We have seen many men and women doing revolting acts but they keep their quiet to million people's tendency to forgive, leaving those who did evil things even protected.  Many placed in trust of powers and wealth betrayed the trust because of beliefs born out of what they see no one gets punished anyway if you know the way, you know what to do, and you have money.

There is no wonder that the story of centuries old will cycle over and over again. 

The rule established by Edmund Burke does not work. It is not for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  It is for evil to triumph is for good men are not enough. 

Emilio Aguinaldo has never been charged and tried for the claimed sin of murdering by conspiracy many leaders of his time, including General Antonio Luna and Andres Bonifacio with his brothers Procopio Bonifacio and Ciriaco Bonifacio.  In this issue, there is no doubt millions of Filipinos would rather leave it at that: keep the truth out there and let it be buried by time.

They claimed Marcos had been raping the nation's coffers and killing many people. But like Aguinaldo, he was not criminally charged and tried. They rather keep the truth out there in Batac and let it be buried by time.

They claimed Erap plundered the country's wealth. Yes, they charged, tried and jailed him. But he was forgiven all too soon, ironically by one regarded as having done more than him.

They rabidly claimed that Gloria even did more than what Marcos did. She just lie there waiting for her new day of reckoning. She is only facing the crime of sabotaging the elections of 2007, the weakest among all what should be her cases.  Until now, not one have been filed of those much-hyped thievery, including the theft of people's votes demonstrated by "Hello Garci" tapes.

They claimed Gloria put up safety apparatuses for her protection. Evidence are there to back their claims. Yet many of those apparatuses are not destroyed, particularly the so-called midnight and "semi-midnight" appointees.

Yes, one apparatus has been charged and being tried for betrayal of public trust.  But it seems millions Filipinos, particularly the preachers amongst them, do not know the meaning of trust, do no know the meaning of betrayal.  They just liken it easily to a wife or husband readily available to forgive her husband's or his wife's betrayal of trust.

As if many do not know the simple meaning of morality, do not know what is simply right from wrong, do not know what is hiding and what is not hiding, do not know what is honesty from dishonesty.

The theme now is erroneous. It may be said as: "Why charge only him when all others are corrupt, too?" Or it may be this: "After all, dishonesty is the rule."

Many do not want to live by a time-honored tenet: "Be honest even if all others are dishonest."  As if it is like saying: "Honesty is the best policy, but dishonesty is good enough for they never care for the best."

Putting in the context of the ongoing impeachment trial, millions in fact are standing to stop the trial, claiming it had become a grandstanding arena for senators and a vengeance tool of the current President. 

In fact, many claimed they voted for him but they are now detesting him for insisting for trial to continue just because he issued pronouncements as to his belief that the evidence presented show the guilt.  They capitalize, too, on his Hacienda Luisita baggage to empower their arguments.

(The claim that they voted for P-Noy is one claim I regard as a falsity. This is because the purpose is clear: to have a more believable argument, a goal many think they can get by laying the "I voted for P-Noy but now I regret" foundation for their claims.  Which claim I see as false because I have not wavered from my full support for him when my sole reason to vote for P-Noy was his capability to hit hard on past sinners to change the mindset of the people and the corrupt: from the thinking "they can escape anyway" to "it's getting hard to laugh all the way to the bank."  I believe many who I know voted for P-Noy still keep that faith in him.)

In the author's standard, the people should continue to dig for the truth. The compass and the detector give a high probability that the truth is just there waiting to be dug out.  But even a majority of the Supreme Court puts a padlock.

In the author's standard, there should be closure, too, to the HL issue and give the farmers what they deserve.  Not only this, there are plenty of other sugar estates in Negros, Tarlac and Batangas that will constitute as privileged estates if these are untouched while HL is overturned.

They who were the author's epitome preached to him that the first of the words uttered by God are: "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" Only light gives clarity to find the truth. But what is light if they convinced many of the flock not to see the truth when it is known where the truth can be found?

They who preached the author that God commanded: "THOU SHALT NOT STEAL."  But now, it shows earning outside salaries is not detested at as an act of stealing, it is even defended.

They preached that God commanded: "THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE." But now, it seems coveting a woman not your wife is not loathed at if she is not your neighbor's wife, for the rule includes only women who are married to another.

They preached that God commanded: "THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THEY NEIGHBOR." But now, it seems alright not to witness for the truth.  They even want the trial stop to stop all witnesses from testifying. After all, the letters of this commandment prohibit only the act of telling falsities and do not command an obligation to tell the truth.

They preached that God commanded: "THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBOR'S GOODS."  But taking monies of relatives and those living far from home, like the foreigners bilked of blood monies by immigration officials, is not seemed included in this command.


It is up to them. After all, no one lives up to a hundred years.

What is certain is death.

Another thing is certain.

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