TOTO & JERRY -- for Justice and Liberty of the Press
MEN IN BLACK GLASSES -- Toto (right) and Jerry (left)
Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing (man in black with a tie) and Jerry S. Yap (in violet polo shirt) stand while listening to some mediamen from Laguna, Quezon, Cavite and Rizal.

Toto, president of ALAB NG MAMAMAHAYAG (ALAM), and Jerry, chairman of ALAM and president of National Press Club, went to Los Baños, Laguina to talk to over a hundred mediamen from Calabarzon to organize ALAM Partylist group in the region.


Toto and Jerry celebrated the spirit of People Power with hectic works for justice and liberty of the press.

From 8:30 a.m. up to 11:00 a.m., he spoke to a group of Cavite pastors in Dasmariñas City, lecturing on the indispensability of teaching justice concepts as part of their religious ministry.
Toto lecturing on the pastors inside the church of Rangehills Baptist Church, SBC in Salitran 2, Dasmariñas, Cavite
Toto expounded the connection between God's desire for justice and that the best way to achieve true justice as desired by the Lord is through JURY SYSTEM--not the fiscal system and the single-judge system that have bred lords to be of people who commit acts of murder, oppression and discrimination with impunity.

A jury system being proposed by Toto to the pastor leaders is one composed of Grand Jury (investigating jury) and Trial Jury. Toto was so happy that he declared it was his biggest day in a week that he was so honored by this invitation from these men of God.

Toto stressed that it is time and it is better that THE PEOPLE AS THE VOICE OF GOD DIRECTLY EXERCISE THE POWER TO JUDGE rather than trusting this to the judges who just continue to betray the people's trust.
Jerry Yap explains the wisdom why it is time for the mediamen to unite to better their lives and independece

In Los Baños Toto lectured on Freedom of the Press and the need to push it further by campaigning to have mediamen as partylist congressmen doing the specific welfare agenda and insurance of justice for those killed to strengthen the journalists' capacity to defy temptations and intimidation in order for them to be more independent and be more useful to the society.

Delivering speech before the journalists of Calabarzon
In Tondo, Toto lectured to a hundred members of a homeowners' association regarding their rights to own a parcel of land under the Free Patent law (Republic Act 10023), and their right to defend their homes against people who have been trying to eject them from their units where they have lived for as long 40 years now.

Thereafter, Toto lectured the association members about the GRAND JURY and TRIAL JURY systems as the only hope of the fatherland.

FOREMOST among the legislative agenda of ALAM is to push in the Congress the bill to establish Grand Jury and Trial Jury System.

The next ALAM agenda is to push for the revocation of libel crime in compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to strengthen further the journalists in doing their vocation of reporting and making opinions for the people.


Lecturing a hundred members of Huwag Kang Bibitiw, Inc. inside Dr. Nolasco High School in Tondo, Manila


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