Grand jury system solution to joblessness

Grand jury system 
 solution to joblessness

ALMOST A MILLION COLLEGE GRADS EVERY YEAR WITH NO JOBS? This is sad as reported by the Philippine Star, anticipating almost a million college graduates in 2012 ending up with no work cut for them. (Read Philstar story at this link: )

 Here's one solution to reduce unemployment.

Let the Congress REORGANIZE  the criminal investigation bodies (Office of Prosecutors) whose job is to say who should be charged and tried in court for crimes.

In the reorganization, create a system of GRAND JURY for every city or every province.  Each grand jury will be composed of 23 jurors chosen from JOBLESS COLLEGE GRADUATES to serve a term of six months and to be replaced by another set of jurors every six months thereafter.

If we have 82 provinces and 135 cities at present, it means we have to maintain 217 grand juries.  

Every six months we employ 4,991 college grads for 217 provinces and cities.  In one year, we employ 9,982 college grads to serve the grand juries.  If each is given a salary of P15,000 a month, the government will spend only Php898,380,000.00. (Less than one billion pesos) for one year.

With grand juries around, the city and provincial prosecutors will focus on the work of presenting evidence in courts.  At the same time, we are compelling those lucky college graduates to learn the intricacies of criminal laws and many of them would be enticed to proceed to colleges of law.

The more substantive benefit from here is we are more assured of fair decisions as to who should be charged in court or not among those accused. This is because the jurors will serve without revealing their names and faces. And if the influential accused or influential accusers do not know them, they cannot have access to buy decisions.


ALAB NG MAMAMAHAYAG (ALAM), which has been organized to become a partylist representative in the House of Representatives, will fight for the making of this law on grand juries.

Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing, who is the president of ALAM, is also the president of Hukuman ng Mamamayan Movement, Inc. (HMMI), a group organized to conduct educational campaign on jury system, that is composed of grand juries and trial juries.
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