I sing to save to save Filipinos


The Filipino is worth singing for


I am a passionate advocate to save the Filipinos by means of educating them that there is one justice system that will end the growing cycle of violence caused by those wicked people of power and wealth.

These wicked people I refer to include the politicians who cannot accept any loss in any political contest, who kill to protect their "kingdom", who kill to prevent the discovery of the corruption they have done, and who kill to grab the wealth of another.

These wicked people I refer to also include the high government officials, including the politicians, who continue to be daring in manipulating bidding and other procurement procedures to earn big bucks from the public funds earmarked for those projects.

These wicked people also include the policemen and police officers who collect protection monies from gambling lords, drug lords, logging lords, mining lords, and lords of other forms of thievery.

These wicked people include law enforcers who coerced people to vomit hundreds of thousands or millions of bucks by means of planting evidence against the victims and threatening them with non-bailable cases to be filed if the proposed deals were not done.
These wicked people include those officials like in PASG (Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group) who hijacked container vans on the roads or raided warehouses even without any sufficient evidence just to compel the importers, smugglers or otherwise, to cough out millions of pesos.

These wicked people include the cheating businessmen to gain sky-high profits by means of doing manipulations to gain monopoly, or doing any combinations to restrain the economy and competition, or reducing the quality of their products to profit more, or simply making artificial shortage of goods to create price increases, or cheating in imports to reduce customs duties to be paid, or any acts of similar import.

I firmly believe that only a stiff justice system that does not buckle to corruption and does not provide any opportunity or possibility to give way for manipulations or monies or threats have been conveniently used and relied on by criminal-minded persons to decide to commit impunity without fear.

This justice system that I am fighting for to be learned by all Filipinos is what is called "jury system" or "laymen's adjudicatory system," where the judges are the people themselves acting through their representatives chosen by raffle from them.

Of course, I am only human who needs to be refreshed and to be relieved from stresses.  And one of the ways I do to recharge my body batteries is to sing with my guitar.

Literally, I sing because the Filipino is worth singing for.

Thus, on the night of April 21, 2011, I sang and recorded two songs: "Hello" that was popularized by Lionel Richie and "Count on You" that was made known by Tommy Shaw.

Earlier, in a cruise in the Manila Bay organized by my fellow alumni of Mindanao State University (MSU), I also sang "I don't wanna talk about it" that was made a hit by Rod Stewart.

Listen to my songs, hoping you enjoy them.

Here are my songs:

sang by Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing
on Maundy Thursday of 2011

sang by Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing
on Maundy Thursday of 2011

sang on the ship by Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing

sang on the ship by Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing



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