Bridge-to-nowhere + Fake Saro = Haresco

I dedicate this blog to Teodoro Haresco Jr., the incumbent congressman of the province of Aklan who has been linked to P111-billion "bridge to nowhere" scandal characterized by bridges built in remote places where these can never be used by man or machine and bridges that have beginning but no end.

This I do because Haresco has now been occupying the top of another edifice of corruption: this time the art of faking what is called as SAROs.

Senator Serge Osmeña of Cebu mentioned Haresco as the local representative of a contractor and had participated in the construction of these bridges as a subcontractor.  Most of these projects were built during the time of chief-executive-in-fact Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.  Osmeña said that the lawmaker is a godfather to her son Dato.  The Cebuano senator also reported that Haresco played the legwork for all these bridges.

These facts were culled from the records of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee chaired by Senator TG Guingona and I bring this out to disprove the denials of Haresco.

As a matter of procedure, all bridge projects need Special Allotment Release Order (SARO).

Now, Haresco figured in another controversy.

This time, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) filed against him and four others criminal complaints for the faking of SARO documents.

This background about Haresco's involvement in that bridge-to-nowhere scam may be a big proof to prove that the congressman from the province that is blessed with one of the world's best beaches, Boracay, had that motive to fake SAROs.

Actually, as reported by the media, the NBI said that the fake SAROs were used in the construction of bridges in Cagayan province and Aklan province, worth P161 million and P77 million, respectively.

A proof of the motive to fake SARO is needed because Haresco denied the charges of the NBI, saying that he was just a victim in this scandal and complaining that of many people involved he was singled out as the maker of the fake SAROs.

With this, it seems the equation of corruption is this:

Another proof of motive to fake SAROs is the fact that Haresco was then a congressman of Kasangga partylist when the Aklan bridge was constructed and he already demonstrated exceeding interest to become a regular congressman of Aklan.

In order to win in Aklan, Haresco must have one big achievement for the Aklanons.   And yes, he indeed built one.  But the problem is that while this bride has a beginning it has no end:  IT STOPPED RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER.

The photo of the bridge is shown below:

This Guadalupe bridge that Senator Osmeña identified as a project of Haresco but which was not completed.

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