PMA's Honor Committee's Honor at Issue 

Probably, I can say that my blog entitled "Honor Horror at PMA?" has substantively helped in the shaping up of one goodness after the AFP leadership ordered a re-investigation into the case of graduate PMA Cadet Aldrin Jeff Cudia, who I raised in that blog as having been dismissed just because he was 2 minutes late in his class. 

Cadet Aldrin Jeff Cudia
For this, I can say that I am at least an effective blogger.

You can read my blog "HONOR HORROR AT PMA?" at this link:

Now that the AFP has ordered a re-investigation of the Honor Committee's decision finding Cadet Aldrin Jeff Cudia guilty of lying, the issue now is this:


The "Honor Committee" who voted that Cadet Adlrin Jeff Cudia is guilty of lying when he reportedly said that his professor dismissed them late?

Or Cadet Aldrin Jeff Cudia who only happened to make a statement of justification using an imperfect choice of words that he should have stated the his professor told them to wait for some papers?

One thing is sure though: Honor Committee is not 100% sure of its decision.

With more reason that the Honor Committee decision in the case of Cadet Cudia becomes tainted with irregularity because the first voting was not unanimous and the one who dissented was replaced by another if only to get the unanimous vote.

As I said in my blog that went viral that it helped to reach this point that the AFP leadership for the first time ordered a reinvestigation, the Honor Committee should have asked Cadet Cudia what does Cudia meant when he said that his "professor dismissed them late?"

This is so because it may mean technically that Cudia and some of his classmates that they were dismissed by their professor at the exact time.  But it may also substantively mean that the dismissal happened only after the papers were given because they were told by the professor to wait for some papers.

To my mind, Cadet Cudia did not lie.

My impression about the "Honor Code" of the Philippine Military Academy, after reading posts of persons who I believe are themselves PMA alumni, is that one who is found guilty by the Honor Committee to have lied, cheated and stole anything is ostracized if he chooses to stay in the PMA and continue to serve in the AFP so that many chose to resign.

A cadet who is being complained for an act of lying, cheating and stealing is brought before the a body called Honor Committee composed of cadets themselves.

The body must vote unanimously to declare the guilt of the cadet being charged for lying, cheating or stealing.  If the vote is unanimous, the cadet being charged has two choices: To Stay in the Academy and Serve in the Military or To Resign.

This is an extremely good measure if it assures that those officers who came from the ranks of the PMA who either has not been subjected to Honor Committee or who has been found innocent by the Honor Committee will stay honest, fair and not a thief in all their service as military officers or as appointed cabinet officials.

But I am confused if this Honor Code serves its purpose.

Many generals from the PMA turned out to be a bunch of corrupt persons.

Many officials of the PNP are into jueteng and drugs protection rackets.


Is it not that even if we subject Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee to the Honor Code proceedings they will still maintain that Vhong Navarro raped Deniece when the CCTV says the opposite?
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