Professor certified Cudia was right in saying: 'Our class was dismissed bit late'

Professor certified 
Cudia was right in saying: 
'Our class was dismissed bit late'

As read from the early posts of Avee Cudia, sister of 1st Class Cadet Aldrin Jeff P. Cudia, one of the most contentious issues raised before the Honor Committee was: Was Aldrin telling the truth when he justified his two-minute late for the 5th period class because their "class was dismissed a bit late"?

As backgrounder, Cadet Cudia was referring to the 4th period class where their professor was Maria Monica C. Costales, PhD.

Now, if Professor Costales certified that Cadet Cudia was right after all, what then is the moral ascendancy of the members of the Honor Committee to assert their judgment was right?

In the certification signed by Professor Costales, it states:

"I agree and consider that because Cadet CUDIA is under my instruction to wait, and the other cadets still have business with me, it is reasonable enough for him to say that "Our class was dismissed a bit late" (dealing with matter of seconds or a minute particularly 45 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds)
"And with concern to OR432 class, I can say it ended on time (1500H)."

1st Class Cadet Aldrin Jeff P. Cudia

And if the first voting result was 8 for "guilty" and 1 for "not guilty," then those who voted for the conviction are not faithful with truth.  

And when the committee resorted to "chambering" or an executive session to confront the one who voted "not guilty" in order to compel that guy to change his mind, then the judgment itself is a manifestation of lying on the part of the voting committee members.
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