GMA 7's loss is ABS-CBN gain

GMA 7's loss is ABS-CBN gain

The segment that portrays the extreme love of the only daughter to her dying mother that is the main event of this Mutya ng Masa edition of Doris Bigornia of ABS-CBN is a work of Mary-Anne de Chavez, the woman who was accused without evidence in order to be dismissed from GMA 7.

In the appeal memorandum filed by me (Berteni Cataluña Causing) as the lawyer of Mary-Anne de Chavez I charged Labor Arbiter Jenneth Napiza with commission of grave abuse of discretion in unjustly ruling that the dismissal was justified despite the fact that its main basis, which is the "incident report" that is not notarized and that was cited as the ground of a show-cause memorandum when that "incident report" was not yet existing at the time of the issuance of that show-cause memo.

To the contrary, the voluminous evidence I presented for Mary Anne de Chavez was rejected by Arbiter Napiza as "mere denials."  Our evidence consisted of the judicial affidavit of Ms. De Chavez, judicial affidavit of the driver of the vehicle that was alleged as being used by Ms. De Chavez for personal and family benefit, judicial-affidavit of the agent of the PDEA to testify that it was true that Ms. De Chavez bought foods for them after the surveillance operation for their story "Malabon Drug Story."

I attest to the excellence and diligence of Ms. De Chavez in doing her work of conceptualizing, developing and documenting to come up with documentaries.

I hope God of Justice will give us the last laugh.

We are filing a case of corruption against Arbiter Napiza before the Office of the Ombudsman for rendering manifestly unjust judgment whose findings are patently without any evidence to support it.
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