Why PMA stays silent on 8-1 vote?

Why PMA stays
silent on 8-1 vote?
1st Class Cadet Aldrin Cudia

        Firmly believing that 1st Class Cadet Aldrin Jeff P. Cudia is innocent in the accusation that he lied in explaining why he was late for two minutes in his class, his supporters that included this blogger are demanding that the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) speak up now about the assertion that the judgment was rigged from eight (8) for guilty and one (1) for acquittal to a unanimous nine (9) for guilty and the “dagdag-bawas” was resorted to by the Honor Committee (HonCom) to compel him to resign or face ostracism.

        The matter has become a serious national issue so that the PMA must now speak up in the exercise of its power of control and supervision over all its cadets whose schooling and salaries as students are paid for by the people’s money.

        The cry from the public has become more deafening in demanding for a probe into why the judgment on the guilt or innocence of Cadet Cudia was rigged or was subjected to “dagdag-bawas” because two (2) cases have in fact been filed against the HonCom members upon the assertion that they manipulated the voting.

One complaint of violation of the Honor Code for cheating in the voting was filed by PMA Class Dado Enrique, a baron of Class ’83.

The other complaint was filed by Cudia himself upon the basis that one of the HonCom revealed that the first voting was 8-1 and then a second voting was done after the committee held a “chambering” or an executive session to compel the dissenter to change vote.

Considering the charges that the HonCom members themselves committed cheating are so serious, the same should have been acted on swiftly in order not stir further the suspicion of the public.

        If the HonCom is found guilty of vote rigging, it means that their judgment of guilt meted out on Cudia is void.

        The PMA has now a new superintendent has been ordered on 20 February 2014 by General Emmanuel “Manny Sundalo” Bautista, the chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, to investigate into the matter, including the proceedings done.

        The public is also urging the PMA to look into the footage of the video recording of Cadet Cudia’s trial.

The relatives of Cudia have been crying out that there was that video recording that can settle all issues once and for all.

Behind this demand for the PMA to speak up, the public expressed apprehension that the investigation will only be a mockery of justice or moro-moro because those appointed to investigate are all from the PMA.

This blogger wants to state clearly:

“I want to clarify to all PMA alumni and cadets as well as cadettes that in siding with Aldrin in this issue we are not against the Honor Code. 

“Our degree of interest in making that Code stronger is as strong as the alumni. 

“That is why we want this suspect voting procedure to be proved and cleared.  

“This is the only way to assure the people who finance the cadets’ schooling and training to be fine gentlemen and officers serving for the defense of the State: That the PMA is always there to act on immediately for any suspicion in the proceedings done by the Honor Committee implementing the Code.”
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