Did he forget that he ordered Josefina De Guzman Dela Cruz to fire more than 1,000 workers of Philippine Postal Corporation?

The Post Office is now being sidetracked by most law firms and offices, including the Labor Arbiter's Offices, that are now using private couriers to send pleadings, motions, memoranda, position papers, orders, resolutions, decisions and other processes' notices.

And look at what happened, the procedure employed by Josie Dela Cruz has backfired: many of her decisions were nullified by the Civil Service Commission, stating that the dismissal or demotions or promotions are illegal.

Many prospective OFWs or former OFWs wanting to return to work abroad have no financial support to process their job applications.  Can he invest at least P1 billion fund to be loaned at no interest to the OFWs wanting to go back to work abroad or Filipinos who are first-time applicants for work abroad?

Can he invest at least P10 billion to be loaned to small-scale businesses with small interest of 2% per year and with exemptions from local and national taxes?

Can he not support with technology and money to our gun manufacturers in Cebu and Danao in order to make their products at par with the world's best?

Can he not change the court system of judgment that is a big cause of job losses because most of decisions nowadays are influenced?

Can he not know that many talented persons are in prison for wrongful charges and for charges filed by the prosecutor's offices that have no solid evidence to begin with and using only the argument "let the court decide"?  That in so doing, the courts dockets are clogged that our courts nowadays UNBELIEVABLY hear at least 30 cases each hearing day, when presentation of one witness with cross-examination can eat up at least one hour?

Can he not reform the Bureau of Immigration that is time and again ruled by officials who want money more than the services they should render to the foreigners coming to the Philippines?  This alone shies away prospective investors.  Can he not assure that the decision makers at the Immigration bureau are fair?

Can he not propose to the Congress to increase the penalty from simple imprisonment to life imprisonment for the "corruptors," big or small?  Can he not propose to the Congress to double the size of the Ombudsman for it to employ spies for every government office with more power to act on immediately at the sight of every corrupt act?

Can he not drastically bring down by 50% the power rates so that industries, small and big, will start to rethink to invest again?  Never mind increasing labor wages, as long as other inputs are scaled down to the minimum?

Can he not focus on strengthening the middle class in order for this class to start small businesses to employ at least three persons to run small businesses?

Can he not order or cause the massive agriculture planting so that many in the farms can have even seasonal works?

Can he not identify the fundamentals or elements in governance to promote business activities among the small people? Just imagine if 1,000,000 will only be courageous enough to start a business and each will employ 2 people, this means employment for 2,000,000.

Can he not cause the Comelec to be pro-active by increasing its agents to arrest and imprison vote-buyers and vote-sellers so that our country will start to have meaningful political leaders?

Can he not remove all those regulations that only tend to obstruct the flow of business?

What he masters at, obviously, is the giving of free money to the poor in the package called "Conditional Cash Transfers." While this is helpful, it is intended for emergency situations when the poor cannot live by themselves.  But this should serve with a condition that those given with those help must begin to learn to make their own shoes.

Can he not invest in massive skills training with the objective of each citizen having three skills so that that citizen can have more opportunities to choose from?  For example, a person skilled in carpentry is also skilled in welding and skilled in farming can search for work not only in carpentry but also in areas of welding and farming.

Doesn't he know that many of his appointees are incompetent or corrupt?

Doesn't he not know that many of his allies in the Liberal Party are corrupt?

Doesn't he know that the BIR cannot tax from jobless individuals?

Doesn't he know that it is a taboo for the BIR to tax in a manner of killing the goose that lay the golden egg?

Doesn't he consider to propose to Congress to lower the taxes to collect more taxes?  Tax has negative psychological effect on taxpayers. The higher the taxes, the more the taxpayers becoming dishonest. Lower the taxes and the taxpayers are happy to pay in full and this might be a formula.  Our present tax rate is business-mindset offensive.  The more you earn the higher the rate and the higher the amount of tax you pay: to the mind of the author, there must be a system of rewards to the taxpayers in order to encourage those successful businessmen to expand.

This blogger is just thinking aloud.

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