1st Class Cadet Aldrin Jeff P. Cudia

The narration below I got from highly-placed sources.

After 1st Class Cadet Aldrin Jeff P. Cudia was acquitted in January of the charge that he was teaching his classmates how to answer questions in their exams in NS432 and just after receiving the ACQUITTAL VERDICT he received the next charge.

In the first Honor Code violation charge where he was acquitted, Cudia was accused by the Chairman of the Honor Committee to have cheated and connived with classmates because Cudia helped them in their exams at NS432 by giving them tips on how to get the GIVEN of the problems.  

Among those who asked for help about the exam was the Honor Committee Chairman, who even insinuated the words "Cuds, 2 minutes ba un?"  (As if a hint that a charge of being 2 minutes late was already forthcoming.)  Included in the first charge was that: He was the only one who almost perfected the exams when all his classmates were struggling in that subject.

Cudia explained he was asked by their teacher to help their classmates for it was difficult for them to be taught in a class of 59. He also explained that he was studying every night so that he found the examinations easy. 

After getting acquitted, Cudia then received a new charge of Honor Code violation.  This time, it was about the two-minute late from the 4th period class to the 5th period class in Eng412.  The ones who conducted the preliminary investigation were three cadets from Foxtrot Company, including the rival of Cudia for the No. 2 Class Honor in the Navy.  But Cudia noted the presence of the Honor Committee chairman during the interview conducted for the second charge.

The rest was history: Cudia was found guilty.

Cudia talked to one of his closest buddies and asked for the result and he was told that the first voting was 8 for guilty verdict and 1 for not guilty.  That buddy said that the Committee chambered the one who dissented and made it sure that the dissenter changed the vote, thereby making it a unanimous vote for "guilty."

Cudia appealed but the same thing happened: The Commandant handed the "guilty" verdict note to Cudia's sister.

I got from my highly-placed sources some more details.  But these are sufficient for the present purpose.  So that the public that wants to have transparency be served, at least partially.

Next time, I will tackle some of the details where Cudia was found guilty: to be fair to truth--and the Honor Code of the PMA.

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