Noy supports kickout of 1,000 workers for 65 highly-paid at Philpost -- Josie brags

Noy supports kickout of 1,000 workers for 65 highly-paid at Philpost -- Josie brags

Dyaryo Magdalo

Union leaders are joined by ALAM chair Jerry S. Yap and president Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing in denouncing Philpost Postmaster General Maria Josefina "Josie" Dela Cruz, who was appointed as such after losing the race to Governor Willy Alvarado

This is an opinion article, not just news.

What kind of woman is this former Bulacan governor Josie dela Cruz?

She bragged about that President P-Noy supports removal of 1,000 workers in exchange for "65 highly-paid technocrats"?

Will P-Noy allow that when the losses of the post office have been due to corruption and not the workers?

I personally do not believe in the press release of this woman rejected by Bulacan in favor of Governor Willie Alvarado.

In a press release released yesterday (April 3, 2012) by the Philippine Postal Corporation news bureau, it claimed that "Postmaster General Josie Dela Cruz gains political support from President Noynoy Aquino as his sister Ballsy is to speak on the 20th Anniversary of the Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost) on April 10, 2012."

It also claimed that "the attendance of Ballsy expresses the actual support of PNoy to Dela (Cruz) who has convinced Malacanang that her act of removing some one thousand (1,000) Philpost workers is in line with the campaign of the government to save more finances for national projects."

It also claimed that "Malacanang is also convinced that the act of Dela Cruz of hiring 65 technocrats with huge salary to the Philpost is to further the move of modernizing postal operations in accordance with the modernization programs of PNoy."

It also claimed that "in line with the modernization program of Philpost, Dela Cruz procured from the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company and Xitrix Computer Corporation computers and internet connections in the amount of P12,480,875."

This computer project smells bad, Josie.

You better prepare yourself for a place in hell, Josie.
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