Murdered by Makati cops

Murdered by Makati cops!

Firetrucks wail for justice right at the spot where fire volunteer Ronald R. Intante was murdered along with mechanic Jimmy Almanon

True Justice being one of the two main agenda of Alab ng Mamamahayag (ALAM), its president and chairman are insisting that murder charges must be filed against the Makati cops responsible for the death of fire volunteer Ronald Infante and his aide.

            Last April 1, traditionally referred to as “April Fool’s Day,” around noon, Makati cops claimed they killed two men riding in tandem in the alleged shootout in Barangay Bangkal in the city.

            The cops claimed they shot the two after a van driver reportedly sought help claiming he was being held up.

            It was learned that responding cops did not even issue a warning call when they saw the two men riding on a motorcycle chasing the van.

            Premeditated to kill anybody they saw who would fit the van driver’s description of two men riding on a motorcycle, reports had it that the policemen incompetently and immediately fired their guns without giving first an idea on whether the men on the motorbike would surrender anyway without a fight.

            In other words, the first incompetence of the cops showed when they gave the declarations of the van driver the face value of truth when the cops did not have even any knowledge whether the claim of the driver was true or not.
            The cops involved only arrived at the scene when the van driver called up for help.

It was also reported that Infante and his companion, one Jimmy Almanon, a motorcycle mechanic, were not aware that the cops were already waiting for them to come.

When Infante and his companion appeared in the cops’ sight while the victims were rushing because they were chasing the van, the cops fired at them without calling out first whether they would surrender or not.

It turned out that the two men on motorcycle were not robbers.

The two were Infante, a businessman who is a member of the fire volunteer brigade in Makati and one who has several fire trucks donated to the brigade, and a certain Jimmy Almanon, a motorcycle mechanic who was an aide of Infante.

Members of the firefighting community are now crying for justice for Infante, who they love to call “Severino Bravo,” and for his mechanic.

An investigation made by firefighters showed that the van sideswiped the motorcycle being driven at a corner in Makati.

Actually, it was also reported that the LBC van driver claimed that he intentionally rammed the motorcycle.

Thereafter, it was reported that the LBC van fled the scene.

Hence, Infante chased the van.

The LBC van driver was reported to have sought help from a gasoline station and cops were called in to respond.

Believing in the story of the LBC van driver immediately without first giving doubt the reasonable benefit, the responding cops right there and then resolved to kill whoever would arrive fitting the descriptions given by the van driver.

For its part, the van driver claimed that he was already hijacked long before.

On the part of ALAM president Berteni “Toto” Cataluña Causing, a lawyer, he stressed that the concerned Makati cops can be held liable for murder.

Causing said that the evidence of murder may consist of: (a) the fact that the policemen did not give a doubt to the van driver’s claim considering that these cops did not even know whether the stories of the van driver were true or not; (b) the fact that they immediately resolved in their minds to kill anybody who would fit the descriptions given by the van driver; and (c) the fact that the cops did not first give a warning for the oncoming motorcycle passenger and driver to surrender peacefully.

“It was not only a case of gross recklessness. It was a case of premeditated killing. Hence, it was murder,” stressed ALAM chairman Jerry S. Yap, who is also the president of National Press Club.

A .40 Glock pistol was recovered from Infante.  A 9-mm gun was recovered from the mechanic.

Firefighters claimed that the said guns were licensed to the two and that there were permits to carry that were issued for them.

Infante's comrades paraded firetrucks at the spot where he was killed and let these wail for justice.
Infante's comrades crying for justice for him.

  “LET JUSTICE REIGN,” Causing emotionally said.

ALAM has been fighting for the establishment of PEOPLE’S JUSTICE SYSTEM where the judges are the people themselves through their representatives, not the judges who have been responsible for the severe deterioration of justice in the country, producing brutal warlords and corrupt officials who commit crimes with impunity and without fear of punishment. 


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