Little salute for journalists at Parañaque demo riot

Little salute for journalists 

at Parañaque demo riot

20-year-old protester versus demolition lays dead over a bullet in the head

Alab ng Mamamahayag (ALAM) pleads to the public to honor the journalists present in the bloody April 23, 2012 demolition at Silverio Compound, Sucat, Parañaque City.

If not for these journalists—the cameramen, the field reporters, the photographers and print news reporters—the bloody story of that demolition could have not come to be known by the public.

ALAM sympathizes with the informal settlers who tried to fight off the demolition attempt.  It knows how exceedingly disgusting the feeling is when one is facing his house to be demolished by somebody, legal or illegal.

ALAM pledges its heart for the young man Arnel Leonor, 20, youngest in the family, who was shot in the temple of his head during the clash that ensured in the demolition.
Arnel Leoner is shown moments before he was shot dead in the head.

ALAM condemns the policemen for using guns and live bullets for the bullet that hit individuals could come only from the policemen.

The cops' role in every demolition is to stay neutral. As such, they are bound to arrest any violent person, whoever they are, the sheriff or a member of the demolition team or any of the persons whose houses are being shattered to the ground, or even a fellow cop.
This SWAT cop caught shooting bullets at demolition protesters.

Equally important, ALAM is begging to the public and the individuals who tried to fight off the demolition to give a little salute to the media men who covered the violent exchange of stones against bullets.

Many journalists were themselves injured for they did not have any protective gear when they risked their lives if only to bring the knowledge of the public that incident that has a bigger picture of and human rights and social issues.

The journalists were not thinking of themselves at that time. They were thinking of the safety of both camps and the public wanting to know what they gathered.

As seen on videos, the policemen started the battle in their quest to implement the demolition order issued by Parañaque Regional Trial Court Branch 195 presiding Judge Aida Estrella Macapagal against the 25,000 poor families occupying the 9.7-hectare Silverio Compound in Parañaque City.
This cop in civilian clothes slaps an arrested protester

It showed that these cops appeared so very interested in making the demolition happen. They were the first to charge.  Why they acted this way instead of waiting for heads to cool down and everybody to understand the sad reality of being poor?

How much?

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